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  • Reach 500,000+ readers.
  • Get Promoted to Amazon Book Reviewers.
  • Collect our helpful software’s.
  • Get feature on 100s of Reviewe sites.
  • Receive your own beautiful designed Author’s Page.
  • Get introduce to 100s of Book Clubs.
  • Receive a One-on-One assistance for your book’s SEO keyword & metatags.
  • Get promoted through our social-media-networks of 270,000+ combined members.

    Apply for the Bestsellers Program at https://bit.ly/PzuYxU


WorldsBestSellingBooks.com is the newest website design to uphold the promises made by the Indie Writers Support network to support writers from all over the world.

IndieWriterSupport.com is an open platform for all to post, review , and meet new friends. But to get your book featured on this website, your book will have to be reviewed by our board- members.

“In order for any independent author to make it to the best-sellers list, he or she will need at least one professionally written review of the published book. And nothing is more pleasing to an author than he or she reading the published reviews of their readers.”

“Do you know that a succinct review of your book can boost your book-sales dramatically? In fact, that very review could be the reason you make it to the best-sellers’ list.”

Our board-member (of dignified book reviewers) would love to learn about you and your book, and then publish what they’ve learn about you and your book onto many websites.

What makes WorldsBestsellingBooks.com more powerful than any other book-relating websites out there are the powerful-linking-tools that are integrated into every Book pages.

Our developers at Indie-Writers-Support have compute an ingenious website-layout (usable for every available books) that will soon become the futuristic themes for every publishing authors. Words alone cannot explain our innovative idea, you would just have to check it out yourself.

Below are sample Author’s Pages made on worldsbestsellingbooks.com for your viewing pleasure. Desktop viewing is highly recommended as suppose to smart phone viewing.

  1. Author Todd M. Thiede
  2. Author Tamera Lawrence

Integrated within each Author’s page are

  • A large eye-catching display of your book, with the buy button.
  • A Look-Inside preview of your book (generated from the Amazon’s Readers App) that will allow readers to read the writings/chapters of your book without leaving the web page.
  • Ability for the share to embedded and share the ‘Look-Inside’ preview of your ebook via email, Facebook, and Twitter, for other to read, without leaving the web page.
  • A YouTube preview of your book trailers or video reviews.
  • All published reviews of your book that were submitted to Amazon. The review list are updated automatically.
  • All other published articles written about you or your book that can be sought on Bing.
  • A powerful linking tool, search engine optimizer, that will make your Author’s Page on the worldsbestsellingbooks.com website the landing destination for those looking to buy or sample your work; toppling over every other published samples, even those previously made on amazon and goodreads.
  • A Give-away contest of your book that will allow one reader to win a free copy of the book.
  • An image display of the author (optional to you), with special abilities for readers to message the author directly, or invite them to become friends through the I.W.S.network.
  • The sharing ability for readers to share your exciting, never seen before, Author’s Page through all the available social media networks.
  • etc…

For any reader arriving at your page, it will seem like walking into a bookstore, during a book-signing, with a chance to have that one-on-one with the author. Are you not excited?

This program will cost $20 for every author that are willing to be included on the worldsbestsellingbooks.com website ALONE with all of the features described above included. A minor deduction from the $20 payment fee would be use to sponsor your book Give-away contest on your Author’s Page, where one winner will be randomly chosen to win a copy.

This program will tremendously increase the chances of your book gaining a world wide appeal to readers, who may either choose to participate in the ‘contest’ to win a free copy of your book, share your writing sample to their social media circles, and engage reader’s interest to buy the book directly from our website instead of waiting a month for the contest’s result. The readers win, and your book will continue to generate revenues.

At the worldsbestsellingbooks.com website, you may search for any book in the world through the search box, and the result will display the full book content.

To take advantage of all of the special features and website submissions, you will have to apply for it.

Apply here to get started with your Author’s Page alone; http://bit.ly/1q81Cnc. Please submit everything we need to know about you, including your ASIN/ISBN numbers, YouTube links, review sites etc..


If you would to become apply for the Bestsellers Program, continue reading and apply at the very bottom.

We look forward to building you the most innovative website for your published book and give it the notoriety that it deserves.

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After you apply for the Bestsellers Program,  the first step for us to successfully promote your books would be for our team members at TheKindleBookReview, Auntiemwrites.com & RockingBookReviews to do a thorough review of the ebook so that we may draft & publish our own reviews/endorsements of the story. We will make five ‘Amazon Verified Purchases’ from the download link, read the story, and then submit five different editorial reviews (up to 150-500 words long) that we will use to promote the book to our general audiences/readers. This process of reviewing may take anywhere between 7-14 days.
After that, the following steps described below will be carried out:
  • We will guarantee that your books reach 500,000+ viewers within a year. These viewings can be achieved through our pop-up banners at I.W.S, our regular newsletter announcements to 100,000+ book subscribers, and our social media postings that will  direct interesting readers to land on the Author’s Page that we design for you.
  • Before our full-blown promotions begin, we take the time to analyze, and customize your book’s SEO (social engine optimization) status and keywords. This customizing process will generate more sales and allow your book to display next to current best sellers. SEO is a social engine optimization tool used by Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google and every other e-commerce book site to increase their outpouring media views and automated growth sales. Some authors do not know how important it is to have strong tagwords and keywords. In fact, perfectly placed keywords in the publishing platform could be the reason a new writer is gathering more sales and reviews than a more established writer online. Keywords pertaining to a book’s genre could garner a thousand views within a day on amazon.com and bn.com. Our team will perform this important keywords search for you, have you replace the original contents in your publishing platform, and then start the marketing campaign that will raise your SEO juice for daily views and downloads/buys.
  • We will promote your published book or eBook to 1000 more amazon reviewers, who may buy/download the book/ebook. And the book will be promoted to the reviewers who will most likely take interest in your subject. For example, if your book is a horror story, then the title will be advertised to 1000 reviewers who left published reviews on the genre’s category (horror stories). Mystery books will get mystery related reviewers. Plain and simple. Your published title is guaranteed to sell and receive more reviews.
  • We have a software program that collect emails of every reviewers listed on Amazon, and another mass emailing software that quickly send out emails to an unlimited number of recipients daily.
  • For this Book-Reviewing service, we will also design a permanent Book Page for you, by adding you and your books to this website, and others. The Author’s Page, which will be the landing page for our adverts for the particular book, will be integrated with social media through “Like” and “Share” buttons, your published reviews, book-trailer if you have one, online press releases, and your social media network.
  • In additional to these services described above, we will also publish additional articles about your book onto many other sites; add your book cover onto our ad spaces; display the your book’s info on our pop-up banners; introduce the book to 150 different online book clubs and review sites, and then promote you through all of our social media outlets of combined 70,000+ followers/subscribers (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Yahoo Groups, etc).
  • Your book title will also be introduced to all Indie Writers Support members as the ‘Book-of-the-Day’ recommendation, and the promotion detail will be archived onto our partner websites.
  • By the end of the first month or two, your name and your book title will be well known on the Internet. And within a few months, you will find articles everywhere online about you and your book. Your title will become a ubiquitous presence on the net! 500,000 book views is what we guarantee you for this service for one year.
  • Then finally, when your book start gaining momentum, we will make a full display of your book cover on our Facebook page and group for 2 weeks, for the thousands of daily visitors to see. The book cover and description will also be added to all of our affiliate sites, including I.W.SKindle Book Review, Auntiemwrites.comRocking Book ReviewsReaders Books  and  the many other book reviews sites listed below;
Additional List Of Websites that will publish your Book on their site:
·          E-reader News to Day
·          The E-reader Cafe
·          Pixel of ink
·          Indie Book of the day
·          Frugal Free Bies
·          Free Digital Reads
·          Kindle book Promos
·          Digital Books Today
·          Get Free Books
·          Book Deal Hunter
·          Its Write Now
·          E Reader Perks
·          Book Goodies
We hope that you are willing to take this poignant and cost-effective chance with your published book.
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Contact us if you have any question or concern.

Anyone can sign up to become a member of our network for free, and create a personal social media profile. “SIGN UP or SIGN IN”

To get started with the Bestseller’s Program, simply fill out the payment application below.



– will help you create a Text only Book trailer for your published title.


– will help you create an Author Page for yourself and your book(s).


– will help you send thousands of personalized emails to 1,000s of readers daily. The contact lists of readers are also provided for you below.


– will help broadcast your book pages (Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Smashwords) to 100s of online forums within minutes.


– will help you generate 100s of backlink sites for your book(s).


– will help you create a .mobi reader Kindle reader eBook.


– will easily help you create a personalized and editable eBook cover.


– will help you generate the contact lists of the Amazon Reviewers who had left published reviews on amazon.com according your book’s genre. It also help promote your book(s) to your social media networks automatically with ease.


– will give a list of 850 bookstore owners in the U.S.A. Included in the list are their names, addresses, phone numbers and email lists.


– will give a list of 40,000 book readers whom you may introduce your books to.



Apply for the Bestsellers Program at https://bit.ly/PzuYxU

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