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 Locating the Right Distributor describes how the book industry works. Then it describes more than 80 book trade distributors and lists the types of books each specializes in. This Instant Report will help you locate the right distributor for your book or line of books. Resources with addresses, telephone numbers and fax numbers. 11 pages.
Self-Service Electronic Price: $9.95
 Selling Books through the Gift Trade. Lists the resources you need to reach gift shows, magazines, mailing lists, reports and consultants. 15 pages
Self-Service Electronic Price: $9.95
 Selling Books to Catalogs. Catalogs buy books in large quantities and they are committed to you for the life of the catalog, often more than a year. This report shows you how to find the right catalogs out of more than 7,000+ Including how to submit to them and how to deal with them. Be prepared to order another print run. 5 pages.
Self-Service Electronic Price: $8.95
 Selling Books in the United States, a Guide for Foreign Publishers, lists six ways to establish a presence in the US and suggests foreign publishers promote books just as US publishers do: With book reviews, news releases and, if appropriate to the title, with a limited amount of direct mail advertising. Details and resources. This Report is not for US-based publishers. 6 pages.
Self-Service Electronic Price: $6.95

Radio & TV Interviews

Interviews, How Authors Get on Radio and TV will show you how to get invited to talk shows, how to get invited back and how to get maximum exposure for your book. This Report lists all the ways to get on the air. Resources with addresses. 12 pages.
Self-Service Electronic Price: $9.95

Autograph parties/Mini seminars

 Autograph Parties & Signing Books shows you how to contact bookstores, who to call, how to promote your signing, getting set up and what to do once you are there. With resources, tips and contacts. 6 pages.
Self-Service Electronic Price: $6.95
BestSellers, What They Are and How to Make Them tells you all about the various bestseller lists and how they gather their numbers. You will discover how to interpret’s rankings. Then there is a list of more that 50 tested ideas for making your book a bestseller. This report is so good, it is nearly a marketing plan outline. Resources. 10 pages.
Self-Service Electronic Price: $9.95
Book Promotion Made Easy: Event Planning, Presentation Skills & Product Marketing by Eric Gelb, MBA, CPA. Hosting events, mini seminars and workshops can provide an extremely profitable way to sell your book, other products and services. You will discover how to double or triple your profits by developing a marketing strategy, promoting more profitable events, designing your event to meet your audiences’ goals, merchandising your books and other products, selling more book, products and services, making your presentation more exciting, handling the Q&A, converting your speaking engagements from free to fee and much more. Lots of inside tips and techniques. 58 pages.
Self-Service Electronic Price: $11.95

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How to apply for our Bestsellers Program is the newest website design to upheld the promises made by the Indie Writers Support network to support all writers from all over the world. is an open platform for all to post, review , and meet new friends, but to get your book featured on this website, your book will have to be reviewed by our board- members.

“In order for any independent author to make it to the best-sellers list, he or she will need at least one professionally written review of the published book. And nothing is more pleasing to an author than he or she reading the published reviews of their readers.”

“Do you know that a succinct review of your book can boost your book-sales dramatically? In fact, that very review could be the reason you make it to the best-sellers’ list.”

Our board-member (of dignified book reviewers) would love to learn about you and your book, and then publish what they’ve learn about you and your book them onto many website, including this one.

What makes more powerful than any other book-relating websites out there are the powerful linking tools that are integrated into every Book pages.
Every book titles published onto this website are guarantee to place first on the search engines (like google, bing, yahoo etc) every time when someone search for the book titles online. Our Book pages are integrated with the social media “Like” and “Share” buttons, published reviews from the readers, book-trailer videos for the books, and online press releases.
In other for your book to be placed here, you will have to apply at;
Book Shelf
After you applied,  the first step for us to successfully promote your books would be for our team members at & RockingBookReviews to do a thorough review of the ebook so that we may draft & publish our own reviews/endorsements of the story. We will make five ‘Amazon Verified Purchases’ from the download link, read the story, and then submit five different editorial reviews (up to 150-500 words long) that we will use to promote the book to our general audiences/readers. This process of reviewing may take anywhere between 7-14 days.
After that, the following steps described below will be carried out:
  • We will guarantee that your books reach 500,000+ viewers within a year. These viewings can be achieved through our pop-up banners at I.W.S, our regular newsletter announcements to 100,000+ book subscribers, and our social media postings.
  • Before our full-blown promotions begin, we take the time to analyze, and customize your book’s SEO (social engine optimization) status and keywords. This customizing process will generate more sales and allow your book to display next to current best sellers. SEO is a social engine optimization tool used by Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google and every other e-commerce book site to increase their outpouring media views and automated growth sales. Some authors do not know how important it is to have strong tagwords and keywords. In fact, perfectly placed keywords in the publishing platform could be the reason a new writer is gathering more sales and reviews than a more established writer online. Keywords pertaining to a book’s genre could garner a thousand views within a day on and Our team will perform this important keywords search for you, have you replace the original contents in your publishing platform, and then start the marketing campaign that will raise your SEO juice for daily views and downloads/buys.
  • We will promote your published book or eBook to 1000 more amazon reviewers, who may buy/download the book/ebook. And the book will be promoted to the reviewers who will most likely take interest in your subject. For example, if your book is a horror story, then the title will be advertised to 1000 reviewers who left published reviews on the genre’s category (horror stories). Mystery books will get mystery related reviewers. Plain and simple. Your published title is guaranteed to sell and receive more reviews.
  • We have a software program that collect emails of every reviewers listed on Amazon, and another mass emailing software that quickly send out emails to an unlimited number of recipients daily.
  • For this Book-Reviewing service, we will also design a permanent Book Page for you by adding you to this website and others. The page will be integrated with social media through “Like” and “Share” buttons, your published reviews, book-trailer video for the book if you have one, online press releases, and your social media network.
  • In additional to these services described above, we will also publish additional articles about your book onto many other sites; add your book cover onto our ad spaces; display the your book’s info on our pop-up banners; introduce the book to 150 online book clubs, and then promote you through all of our social media outlets of combined 70,000+ followers/subscribers (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Yahoo Groups, etc).
  • Your book title will also be introduced to all Indie Writers Support members as the ‘Book-of-the-Day’ recommendation, and the promotion detail will be archived onto our partner websites.
  • By the end of the first month or two, your name and your book title will be well known on the Internet. And within a few months, you will find articles everywhere online about you and your book. Your title will become a ubiquitous presence on the net! 500,000 book views is what we guarantee you for this service for one year.
  • Then finally, when your book start gaining momentum, we will make a full display of your book cover on our facebook page and group, and Readers Books for 2 weeks, for the thousands of daily visitors to see. The book cover will also be added to all of our affiliate sites, including I.W.SKindle Book ReviewAuntiemwrites.comRocking Book ReviewsReaders Books  and  the many other book reviews sites listed below;
Additional List Of Websites that will publish your Book:
·          E-reader News to Day
·          The E-reader Cafe
·          Pixel of ink
·          Indie Book of the day
·          Frugal Free Bies
·          Free Digital Reads
·          Kindle book Promos
·          Digital Books Today
·          Get Free Books
·          Book Deal Hunter
·          Its Write Now
·          E Reader Perks
·          Book Goodies
We hope that you are willing to take this poignant and cost-effective chance with your published book. Whenever you are ready to proceed go to;

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