Flight 12: A Kristin Cunningham Thriller (Flight 12 Begins)

Aaron Patterson
RailsConf 2011: Aaron Patterson, “Double Dream Hands: So Intense!”



New York Times and USA Today bestselling
author Allan Leverone is back with a tale of non-stop action and intrigue that
will leave you craving more!

FBI Special Agent Kristin Cunningham is stuck behind a desk,
recovering from injuries suffered while saving U.S. President Robert Cartwright from
assassination in FINAL VECTOR.
She hates being stuck behind a desk.
So when offered the opportunity to participate in a sting
operation designed to smash a brutal Russian Mafia human trafficking ring,
Kristin jumps at the chance.
And the assignment is a simple one: play a frightened
teenage kidnap victim while an FBI team identifies and apprehends high-level
members of the Brighton Beach Mafia.
Almost immediately, though, the sting begins to unravel, and Kristin
finds herself kidnapped by a sadistic, highly volatile man. Now she must focus
on staying alive, matching wits with a cunning criminal with nothing to lose…
What do you get
when a dozen bestselling, award-winning mystery/thriller authors write
brand-new material centered on one heart-stopping event?

You get FLIGHT 12,
the revolutionary followup by The Twelve to the New York Times and USA Today
bestselling DEADLY DOZEN. The groundbreaking FLIGHT 12 series a new release
from each member of The Twelve, plus very special guests, with a conclusion so
thrilling it could only come from the minds of our readers.