Locked Within (Emma Winberry Mystery) (Volume 6)

Helen Osterman
Jeramiah Osterman singing “I’m On Fire” at Bigg Daddy’s in Helen, GA



In the latest Emma Winberry Mystery, we find the ever-vibrant 60-year-old and her significant other, Nate at the Performing Arts Center on Chicago’s north shore. They are supernumeraries —extras—for the musical, and their dear friend, Delia is a strong voice in the chorus.

When the director calls ‘break’ and the players head for the refreshments, Emma’s sixth sense tells her something is amiss with Delia. Usually a full-of-life woman, Delia seems tense and worried, and confides to Emma that she has misgivings about her son’s recent quick marriage. Nate pooh-poohs Emma’s concerns, but her Guardian Angel does not, and Emma receives messages of concern and warning. Before Nate can convince Emma she is off-base, Delia has a stroke.

Emma rushes to Delia’s side, where she meets June, the new daughter-in-law, and Emma’s suspicions ratchet up. Is Emma simply being over-protective of her friend? Or does June have a secret agenda…one that could spell trouble for Delia and danger for Emma herself.

Early Reader Comment: Emma Winberry, a vibrant and intelligent senior, sings opera, is protective of a friend in danger, and receives messages from her Guardian Angel in this most compelling and unique tale. —F. M. Meredith, author of Dangerous Impulses