Author Korede Abayomi
Shebang! by Korede Abayomi

Imagine New York City in a state of panic, a frenzy shoot-out in the middle of Times Square, a race war brewing between two gangs, citizens and journalists alike clamoring about the murder-rate, and the NYPD armed and ready to shoot it out with their rivals.., all these stemming from a shocking murder that rock the east-side of Brooklyn.

The Zero gang is a criminal enterprise that took two generations of hooligans to organize, with total domination over New York City’s black-market tenderloins. Their adversaries, the ones aiming to stop them dead, are the mafia connected Hillers gang and the gung-ho detectives who are not afraid to shoot it out on the streets.

For hard-nosed detectives like Shawn and Philip, solving crimes and catching murderers is a daily job. But how will they handle chaos and insurgency in the Big Apple? Who will survive, and how will the victory be won?


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Image of Korede Abayomi

Author Korede Abayomi is the author of ‘Shebang!’ and ‘The Oracle.’
He is 31 years old, and a veteran of the United States military.
Korede was born in Lagos, raised in California, and now lives in New York City.