The Secret of Sangre de Cristo

Michael J. Schneider



Sometimes the Fates are even kind to teenagers. Cliff is an average 16 year old; but with no particular dash to lure the girl of his dreams, Darlene. She has everything: beauty, brains and a brute of a boyfriend named Rocky.

Mr. Edwards, the Physical Science instructor, starts a chain of events that will vastly alter Cliff’s life. Mr. Edwards teams Cliff with Darlene on a mineral searching expedition in the Sangre de Cristo mountain range. Together, Cliff and Darlene discover much more – a treasure left by a 17th Century Spanish explorer.

Finding the treasure is one thing. Cliff and Darlene learn that cashing in on it is quite another matter. They soon find themselves in conflict with the Federal Government and the Mafia, and Cliff has to face Darlene’s powerfully strong boyfriend.

Will the discovery and subsequent conflict form more than a bond of convenience between Cliff and Darlene? Are they doomed to perish at the hands of the Mafia at the site of their discovery, with their bodies to be found by some other high school expedition some 400 years from now?