‘Tween Girls and God – ENCOUNTERS WITH JESUS

Diane E. Tatum
Divine Disruption: Encounter with God (Trailer)



‘Tween Girls and God is a Christian publication for ‘tweens – girls ages 9-12. They’re not little girls and they’re not really teens. They have needs unique to their age-group and are searching for lots of answers! ‘Tween Girls and God has devotionals, articles and activities in a themed format just for them! This month’s theme is Encounters with Jesus, where we look at the Messiah through the eyes of those who met him and ministered with him during his time on Earth.

In this issue —

five new devos

a bit ‘l information about St. Patrick

a new recipe

a new craft

a couple of poems to round it off!

‘Tween Girls and God is free for five days of its first week of publication. This week, the magazine will be free from Tuesday, March 18 through Saturday, March 22. Download and share your copy then and come back next week for a new set of Encounters with Jesus!